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Dr Dan Niculescu

Doctor Dan Niculescu is a passionate, idealistic and at the same time a very pragmatic person. He believes that reality can establish limiting borders for our consciousness, our imagination or our philosophy of life.

By continuing his modest contribution through active research, aimed at psychiatric practice improvement, Dr. Niculescu believes the world will change for better. 

Dr Dan Niculescu holds a Medical Diploma degree (Bucharest), a specialization in psychiatry (Grenoble / Geneva), an University Degree in Pedopsychitry (Lyon), an University Degree in psychiatric pharmacology (Grenoble), a Certificate of Advanced Studies of sexology (UNI Genève) and a Master’s degree in Strategic Management from HEC (Haute École Commerciale) in Montreal / Canada.


Dr Dan Niculescu wrote :

1. Bipolar disorder strategies

This work is dedicated to the phenomenon of bipolar disorder…. Why bipolar disorder is often confused, misdiagnosed and inadequately treated (with anti-depressant prescriptions)? The consequences and complications are very drastic!

2. Treatment of depression

The field of psychic suffering is dominated by depression, but why insisting on treating depression with antidepressants if clinical practice results continue looking very pessimistic: low remission rate and frequent recurrences, with a paradoxical growing consumption of antidepressants? After conducting this comparative study of two clusters of drugs, in the field of psychiatric pharmacology, Dr. Dan Niculescu came to the conclusion to never prescribe antidepressants.

3. Child Development Guide

How does parental behaviour influence children’s development, especially if it is subjective, without any obvious principles of organization and guided mostly by parents’ unconditional love and social integration? Our society is suffering today, conflicts multiply, men turn inwards, because educational methods often ignore emotional needs and emotional balance of children. A new generation of children should grow into adults, with better communication, mutual respect, exchange and love… better structured, more human and happier. This paper contains an integrative research of developmental patterns/models, as well as a brief educational guide, defining essential directions for children’s’ primary needs satisfaction.


This is a study on a rare and insufficiently studied male Postorgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS). The research evaluates the level of existing knowledge to provide useful insight, in order to facilitate the diagnosis and measure the clinical evolution of the syndrome … including the development of 2 tools for research and practice.

5. Creation of value through innovation

This is an economic strategy manual that deciphers how innovation can create wealth / value and pointing out that innovation can create wealth/value only if it is attained by the winning strategy, the best strategy, by strategic innovation, which represents the most substantial strategic weapon in creation, retention and protection of the value /wealth.