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Current psychiatry

In our perspective, psychiatry nowadays is pessimistic, as it has not evolved much from the classical psychiatry, despite the advancement of knowledge.

The patients locked up in the maze of this type of psychiatry are no longer able to get their lives back on track (in terms of autonomy and life quality).

It generates loss of hope and resignation. The best results are not always reached.

These positive or negative results are essentially validated by the caregivers and not by the patient and their network. And for the caregivers, these results are always the best they can reach. Yet it is precisely these results that assign current psychiatry its pessimistic polarity.

How to make the current psychiatry evolve?

NEOPsy is an optimistic type of psychiatry that seeks to bring back patients’ autonomy.

Its aspiration is reaching the best possible results by means of current knowledge.

The results are always validated and recognized by the patients and their environment, as they themselves are in the best position to assess them.

NEOPsy wants to establish new quality standards in the psychiatric care department.

How can NEOPsy’s goals be reached?

Philosophy of commitment

Commitment, effort mobilization and involvement rigor in order to obtain the best possible clinical results for the patient.

Theoretical model

Accurate, simple and practical:

A psychological problem = a psychological solution
A biological problem = a biological solution

Therapeutic action method

  • Evaluation tools,
  • Therapeutic chain,
  • Pyramid of results,
  • Virtuous action spiral.

Best possible results